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It is often very stressful when you find yourself in debt. Finding solutions to debt problems can be difficult, especially when you’re so deep in debt that creditors are constantly phoning and bailiffs are threatening to visit. Credit cards, store cards, overdrafts and loans - they can soon spiral out of control; often due to a change in your personal circumstances such as illness, redundancy, or another unforseen event.

You will be relieved to discover that there are many practical solutions to debt, and we can buy you time to re-organise your finances.

  • Stop hassle from creditors
  • Chat with understanding, non-judgemental, experienced debt advisors
  • Solutions can be tailored to your personal debt circumstances
  • No obligation debt advice from Debt Care Consultants
  • Free first meeting
  • Buy yourself some time, and get your life back in control


The Debt Care Consultants team offer clear and concise debt management advice, offering transparency at all levels and with a clear fee structure - there are no hidden extras. We will then introduce you to a specialist team who will tailor a debt solution to your specific and personal circumstances, and they are committed to offering you the best possible debt advice. Your first consultation is free and without any obligation. Buy yourself some time to re-organise.




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Debt Care Consultants: Debt Solutions with honesty and integrity.


Our Mission: To provide personally tailored debt solutions in an open, honest, respectful and supportive manner at all times.

Our experienced debt advisors will meet with you at a mutually convenient time, usually in you own home. Your debt problems will be reviewed in a non-judgemental manner and your debt solution options will be presented to you without any obligation to use our service.

On acceptance of our service, we will support you throughout the process, also dealing with your creditors letters and phone calls. When required we will attend court on your behalf.

Debt Care Consultants promise to operate in an honest and transparent manner and are licensed by The Office Of Fair Trading.

The director of Debt Care Consultants has over 30 years financial planning experience and our company complies with all regulators to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained.


Contact us today and discover which debt solution might be right for your financial situation.








Half of Britons worried about debt

R3, the insolvency trade body, revealed that half of all Brits are worried about debt

Which begs the question: what are the other half worrying about?

Anyway, it’s worth pointing out that’s only half of the adult population. Hopefully we can assume that those not old enough to apply for credit don’t have too many financial worries just yet, besides the soaring cost of crisps and sweets.


Debt worries feature payday loans, says StepChange

in 2012 had payday loans compared with 2011, a charity has said.  The StepChange debt charity helped 36,413 people last year who had payday loan debts, some 20,000 more than the previous year. The average debt of those in trouble was £1,657, the advice charity said.

The increase shows the rapid rise of payday lending, although credit cards and unpaid bills are also concerns for those seeking help. Typically, payday lenders make loans of several hundred pounds for a matter of weeks, at interest rates that can work out at well over 1,000% on an annual basis. 





Busted: Two debt 'help' firms ripping off the poor

The two Cheshire-based firms have been wound up by a High Court judge at the request of Business Secretary Vince Cable following an investigation by the Insolvency Service. Two debt management companies have been shut down on the orders of the government.

The two Cheshire-based firms have been wound up by a High Court judge at the request of Business Secretary Vince Cable following an investigation by the Insolvency Service. Debt Help Direct Ltd and Money Worries Ltd, both run by John Taylor-Groom and based in Handforth, targeted vulnerable people who could not pay off their debts and netted £1.3m in just two months. But now more than a dozen creditors have come forward saying they are owed more than £900,000 by the two firms. The cash includes a total of £545,000 that is owed to HM Revenue and Customs.

It is feared many clients who are unaware of the companies' demise are yet to contact the Insolvency Service. So far 18 creditors have come forward.

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